What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance covers your expenses for doctors, hospitals and prescriptions for chronic (life long) conditions, illnesses, accidents and injuries. Depending on the plan, the insurance company either pays the doctors and facilities for you directly or they reimburse you for your medical expenses. There are typically deductibles, or amounts you must pay out of pocket before the health insurance benefits begin.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a lump sum of cash to your family or business (the beneficiary) in the untimely event of your death. Many families use life insurance to plan their future in case the breadwinner dies and the family would otherwise be facing undue financial hardship. The face amount of the life insurance policy is the amount that will be paid by the life insurance company in the event of the death of the insured. The monthly premiums can either be fixed or variable depending on the product you choose and you can receive interest or proceeds from investments on some forms of life insurance. Generally, the proceeds from a life insurance policy are income tax free.

Georgia Insurance Brokers - Atlanta

What do Insurance Brokers do? Well Insurance Brokers are professional who offers and sells policies in the best price. Insurance Brokers act as a intermediate between the customer and the Insurance company. They act behalf of customers interest. They do comparison among different Insurance companies and different policy and choose the best fit for their client. Insurance Brokers consult the client and gather information form them. They understand the client requirement and negotiate with the insurance company and able to offer the best teams and premiums to the customer.

How Georgia Health Insurance Brokers Help You?

You will not pay more in premiums by having a health insurance expert walk you through the process of choosing a health care plan that is right for you. By being experts in the field of Georgia Health Insurance, we are able to review many health insurance policies and options (like co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums) that would be impossible to research on your own. Health Insurance brokers constantly comb the market to make sure we always have the best health care information at our fingertips. Contact Our Executive now!


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